Riva Yamaha 2021+ Superjet Power Filter Kit

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Our SuperJet Power Filter Kit feeds your engine a steady diet of unrestricted air delivering improved acceleration and RPM. Replaces bulky stock air box with a high-volume flame arrestor that attaches directly to the throttle body. Includes integrated Engine Breather/Catch Can that eliminates power-robbing crankcase vapor from your engine’s air intake. This kit dramatically cleans up your engine compartment by removing the large original plastic air box and relocating electrical components onto a compact, precision-fabricated aluminum bracket. Includes detailed installation instructions.

  • Delivers increased acceleration & power.
  • Oversized flame arrestor is positioned up and away from hood seal area for dry operation.
  • Includes Engine Breather/Catch Can to protect engine from potential oil hydrolock when craft is rolled over.
  • Cleans up engine compartment with removal of bulky air box & relocation of electrical components.
  • IJSBA Race Legal
  • Water-repellent cover (pre-filter) for screen-type flame arrestors protect your motor from unwanted water intrusion and debris without restricting airflow.